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My name is Andy Wright and I am an aviation book tragic (and book nut in general). Some of you will know me from my other website, Aircrew Book Review, and Flightpath magazine here in Australia, and know of my enduring passion for books by/about the RAF and Commonwealth aircrew who flew during the Second World War.

That passion for getting these books in front of as large an audience as possible, to help keep the history alive, continues unabated. However, in the course of reading and reviewing these books, and especially from working for Flightpath, I’ve built up a superb team of specialist reviewers who tackle the books and subjects I don’t have time for (there’s not enough hours in the day!). Collectively, this team, located around the world, are able to turn their particular skills to every generation and aspect of aviation. With the sad demise of Flightpath at the end of 2019, after 31 years, I wanted to keep this team together to continue providing a world class service to publishers and readers alike. Flight Line Book Review is the result.

Every subject of aviation, bar what is covered by Aircrew Book Review, will be covered here so if you’re interested in the Great War, early airlines or airliners, the Cold War, general aviation, space exploration or even right up into today’s era of fifth generation combat aircraft and extreme range airliners, there will be books featured here of interest to you. On the Second World War front, look here for USAAF, Luftwaffe, Russian and Japanese titles. Aircrew Book Review does cover these subjects on rare occasions if there is a significant link to RAF and Commonwealth aircrew, but you are guaranteed to find more on those subjects here.

I hope you enjoy your time here and find a book or two (or ten!) you simply cannot live without. If you love reading, please pass the love on to at least one other person.

Andy Wright

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