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Concorde – Ingo W. Bauernfeind

Review by Charles Page. If ever an aircraft can be described as charismatic, it is Concorde. This is an aircraft that combined technical excellence with grace and elegance, and captured the imagination of the world for 27 years. So for the 50th anniversary of Concorde, it was pleasing to see a book as superlative as... Continue Reading →

An Eagle’s Odyssey – Johannes Kaufmann

Review by Neil Page. Johannes Kaufmann enjoyed a long and diverse flying career in the Luftwaffe. He spent the first two years of the war as an instructor before flying his first combat sorties in July 1941, having retrained as a Bf 110 Zerstörer pilot with SKG 210 and ZG 1. He participated in the... Continue Reading →

First Man – James R. Hansen

Review by Phil Vabre. Neil Alden Armstrong is forever destined to be one of the iconic figures in world history, which is rather ironic considering that, of all the astronauts, Armstrong was notoriously the most self-effacing and publicity-shy. This authorised biography therefore provides us with a valuable insight into Armstrong: the man and his achievements.... Continue Reading →

Ceres – Derek Buckmaster

Review by Andy Wright. Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation. CAC. Three letters that make many Australian aviation enthusiasts, and no doubt quite a few beyond, go weak at the knees. It is used as a poster child of Australia’s manufacturing prowess and its products continue to fly in considerable numbers to great acclaim. The CA28 Ceres was... Continue Reading →

Answering the Call – Bob Grandin

Review by Takis Diakoumis. Personal tales of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War have barely trickled out over the past forty years or so. Beyond a number of more official commissioned accounts, Australian stories have centred more on specific defining battles, like Long Tan or Coral, as opposed to the more drawn out tour experience... Continue Reading →

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