TOPGUN: The Legacy – Brad Elward

Review by Takis Diakoumis. When this latest epic volume from Schiffer and Brad Elward arrived, I was absolutely stunned. Weighing in at almost 700 pages, this massive book is without doubt the most comprehensive publicly available study of the US Navy’s TOPGUN program I have ever had the pleasure to read. Schiffer Military books have... Continue Reading →

20th Century Passenger Flying Boats – Leslie Dawson

Review by Andrew Kitney. Working in the airlines for more years than I’m prepared to admit, I’ve always been interested in the history of the airline world from its start, growth and development into what we see today. Of course, prior to the widespread development of airfields and airports with their hard runways, the only... Continue Reading →

Call-Sign Kluso – Rick Tollini

Review by Takis Diakoumis. It's sometimes hard to imagine the making of a fighter pilot, at least for someone like myself who has been in quiet awe of anyone who’s had the tenacity and aptitude to have those precious wings pinned to their chest. I would spy them at airshows as a child and into... Continue Reading →

No Way Out – Steven R. Whitby

Review by Nicholas A. Veronico. For more than sixty years, the human drama of a B-24 bomber and its crew that played out in the Libyan desert in 1943 has captivated people the world over. The 1958 discovery of an abandoned World War II B-24 Liberator, sitting on a desert plain more than 400 miles... Continue Reading →

The Zeppelin Offensive – David Marks

Review by Brett Holman. Even though the age of airships has long passed, they still exert an unparalleled grip on the popular imagination, appearing in science fiction as an easily-understood signifier of history taking a wrong turn somewhere, or in tech media as a temptingly slow-but-luxurious form of air travel that always seems just out... Continue Reading →

Israeli Vipers – Amos Dor

Review by Takis Diakoumis. Approaching 5000 deliveries, the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon will remain one of the most successful fighter aircraft projects of all time. It was originally developed as a highly manoeuvrable, lightweight multi-role aircraft addressing many of the lessons of the air war over Vietnam. The fourth-generation F-16 was the first ‘Electric... Continue Reading →

The B-25 in the Backyard – Wally Soplata

Review by Nicholas A. Veronico. Most warbird enthusiasts will know the name Walter Soplata. He’s known for a secretive aircraft collection in the woods outside of Cleveland, Ohio, and not just any aircraft collection, but some of the rarest and most historic aircraft in certain aviation circles.  Nothing was for sale at Soplata’s place, but... Continue Reading →

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