First to Fight – Steven Tom

Review by Adrian Roberts. The Lafayette Escadrille, the unit of American Volunteers with the French Aviation Militaire prior to the US entry into W.W.I, has become an important part of the US national heritage. This was the beginning of what became the American Century and these young men were motivated by idealism and adventure. This book tells the... Continue Reading →

Seek and Strike – Nigel Walpole

Review by Stuart Forth. In the spring of 1952, near the village of Elmpt on the German/Dutch border, work began to clear the forest to make way for what was to become RAF Brüggen. Over the next year much hard toil, by RAF airfield construction crews and local German civilians, transformed this patch of woodland... Continue Reading →

The Men Who Gave Us Wings – Peter Reese

Review by Adrian Roberts. Peter Reese has produced a workmanlike and comprehensive history of early aviation in Britain. He has clearly read thoroughly around the subject; there is a lengthy bibliography and copious references, and a decent index.  However, most of the references are secondary sources, and this leads to some pitfalls. For instance, he... Continue Reading →

No Man’s Land – Kevin Sullivan

Review by David Fredericks. Many of us know the general gist of the story of QF72—the Qantas Airbus A330 that made an emergency landing at RAAF Learmonth during its scheduled flight between Singapore and Perth on 7 October 2008. We may remember the reports from the press at the time of the incident which involved... Continue Reading →

Fokker Dr.I – Mark C. Wilkins

Review by Adrian Roberts. The Fokker Dr.I is probably the best known aeroplane of W.W.I due to its association with Manfred von Richthofen and to its distinctive appearance. It was built in relatively small numbers, and only served at the Western Front for three or four months, but it was the best German fighter around... Continue Reading →

Royal Flying Corps Kitbag – Mark Hillier

Review by Adrian Roberts. Mark Hillier is an established aviation historian and Stearman pilot who has written The RAF Battle of Britain Pilot’s Kitbag and a companion volume on Luftwaffe pilots’ equipment. These gave an insight into the lives of these men that complemented the accounts of their operations and their aircraft. Now he has... Continue Reading →

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