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Britain’s Glorious Aircraft Industry – J Paul Hodgson

Review by Andrew Kitney. When my review copy of Britain's Glorious Aircraft Industry arrived, it immediately struck me just what a thorough and comprehensive product it appeared to be, with nearly 500 pages and a weight and presence to match. UK-born and having spent upwards of 36 years working in the airline industry as a... Continue Reading →

75 Years of the Israeli Air Force Vol. 2 – Bill Norton

Review by Takis Diakoumis. Helion’s @War series has quickly established itself as the go-to reference on global conflict over the past century with the people and machines directly involved providing a focal point for study. Conflict in the Middle East has dominated geopolitics since the end of the Second World War and at the critical... Continue Reading →

Flight Line – Thomas R. Combs

Review by Nicholas A. Veronico The bond between aircraft and crew chief, maintainers and aircrew, and airmen in general, is dramatically illustrated in Flight Line: The Adventures of a Vietnam-Era AC-130 Crew Chief. From Air Force induction and basic training, to military occupational specialty schooling, the author takes the reader on a personal journey through... Continue Reading →

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