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From F-4 Phantom to A-10 Warthog – Steve Ladd

Review by Stuart Forth. The F-4 and A-10 are two vastly different aircraft. The former is a supersonic, afterburning, multi-role weapons system that, although not pretty, looks menacing from any angle. On the other hand, the A-10 is a slow, ungainly and ‘Butt Ugly’ (author’s words, not mine) machine, built around a massive gun and... Continue Reading →

Coffee, Tea or Turbulence – Bruce W. Orriss

Review by Nicholas A. Veronico. Coffee, Tea, or Turbulence could also be titled ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’ of airliner movies. The airliner melodrama genre gave us some good movies and some real turkeys, and fifty films are reviewed in Bruce Orriss’s latest volume.  The book begins with 1933’s Air Hostess, starring Evelyn Knapp and... Continue Reading →

Chasing the Demon – Dan Hampton

Review by David Fredericks. Like many who share a passion for flight and military aviation, I have held a fascination since I was young as to the concept of the ‘speed of sound’ and how the intrepid aviators around the world during the years immediately after the end of World War II tried to tame... Continue Reading →

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