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The B-25 in the Backyard – Wally Soplata

Review by Nicholas A. Veronico. Most warbird enthusiasts will know the name Walter Soplata. He’s known for a secretive aircraft collection in the woods outside of Cleveland, Ohio, and not just any aircraft collection, but some of the rarest and most historic aircraft in certain aviation circles.  Nothing was for sale at Soplata’s place, but... Continue Reading →

Fabled Fifteen – Thomas McKelvey Cleaver

Review by Stuart Forth. The Pacific theatre of the Second World War is not my normal area of interest and my knowledge of the battles and geography of the Pacific are patchy at best. However, on reading the blurb for Fabled Fifteen, I was intrigued to learn more about Carrier Air Group 15 and the amazing... Continue Reading →

TOPGUN – Brad Elward

Review by Takis Diakoumis. The Legends of Warfare series from Schiffer Publishing has continued to raise the bar on shorter form pictorial military histories through its Ground, Naval and Aviation studies. This latest one by Brad Elward covers the storied birth and evolution of the legendary US Navy Fighter Weapons School – TOPGUN.  The story of TOPGUN... Continue Reading →

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