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Wings of Gold – Trevor Rieck, Jack McCaffrie & Jed Hart

Review by Andy Wright. The projection of power by naval aviation is an important asset and requires the retention of a variety of skills and capabilities often too costly for smaller navies, but a source of pride for those that do. Politics, as ever, play their part, not just from governments, but from other services... Continue Reading →

The Empire Strikes South – Dr Tom Lewis OAM

Review by Zac Yates. The actions of Japan against the Australian mainland are essentially general knowledge. The fact Darwin was attacked in a Pearl Harbor-style raid not long after that Day of Infamy is just one of those things most people know. This reviewer – like many, as author Tom Lewis writes – thought the... Continue Reading →

Royal Flying Corps Kitbag – Mark Hillier

Review by Adrian Roberts. Mark Hillier is an established aviation historian and Stearman pilot who has written The RAF Battle of Britain Pilot’s Kitbag and a companion volume on Luftwaffe pilots’ equipment. These gave an insight into the lives of these men that complemented the accounts of their operations and their aircraft. Now he has... Continue Reading →

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