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Fast Jets to Spitfires – Ron Lloyd

Review by Stuart Forth. If, like me, you still look skywards at the sound of an approaching aeroplane, and you stand in wonder at the sight of a machine passing across the sky before you, then this is the book for you. In Fast Jets to Spitfires, the author, Ron Lloyd, takes you along for a... Continue Reading →

Armageddon and Okra – Lewis Frederickson

Review by Andy Wright. As we all know, the Royal Australian Air Force celebrates its centenary in 2021. While the infernal global pandemic has perhaps stymied a significant proportion of the planned celebrations and commemorations, aspects of the RAAF’s ‘rejuvenated rear view’ are powering on. One of these is a renewed focus on quality publications... Continue Reading →

Flying on the Edge – Bernie Haskell

Review by Andy Wright. New Zealand agricultural pilots are the stuff of legend. The country’s farming prowess owes much to a relatively small group of determined and pioneering, albeit slightly mad, aviators. As yields increased demand for more aircraft with ever-improving performance grew. Pacific Aerospace Corporation developed the Cresco in response. It is a name... Continue Reading →

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