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Modern Taiwanese Air Power – Roy Choo and Peter Ho

Review by Simon Jakubowski. It’s an established fact now that Harpia Publishing are world leaders in what they produce: detailed, well written, in-depth analyses of air power from around the world, offering readers trusted and factual material. I may be wrong, of course, and you’re free to argue that statement but, from what I’ve experienced... Continue Reading →

The Men who flew the English Electric Lightning – Martin W. Bowman

Review by Stuart Forth. The Spitfire, Lancaster and Vulcan are all legendary British aircraft and, as such, have copious amounts of books written about them. The same is true for that icon of Cold War aviation, the English Electric Lightning. Quite rightly, the people who flew, serviced or just witnessed this fire-breathing thoroughbred firsthand wax... Continue Reading →

Call-Sign Kluso – Rick Tollini

Review by Takis Diakoumis. It's sometimes hard to imagine the making of a fighter pilot, at least for someone like myself who has been in quiet awe of anyone who’s had the tenacity and aptitude to have those precious wings pinned to their chest. I would spy them at airshows as a child and into... Continue Reading →

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