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The Royal Navy Wasp – Larry Jeram-Croft & Terry Martin

Review by Sven Atkin.  This book covers the continued life and times of one of the Royal Navy’s ground breaking rotary wing stalwarts. The diminutive Westland Wasp is a helicopter that proved to be a reliable, well-loved, and very hard worked, aircraft by its aircrew and ground crews. The accounts from crews who flew this... Continue Reading →

Fighter Aces of the Great War – Stephen Wynn & Tanya Wynn

Review by Adrian Roberts. A book with such a broad title as this will either be an exhaustive work aimed at existing enthusiasts, or a greatly simplified version aimed at the beginner to the subject. From its length and format it is clear it is the latter and it is good Pen & Sword perceived... Continue Reading →

Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien – Stanislaw Mokwa

Review by Zac Yates. For much of the hobby’s history plastic scale modellers have had to make do with inaccurate kits and put up with scale or detail issues, particularly when it comes to panel lines. Modern kits have, for the most part, avoided such ‘fatal errors’, to quote some of the internet’s hardcore, but... Continue Reading →

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