Fokker Dr.I – Mark C. Wilkins

Review by Adrian Roberts. The Fokker Dr.I is probably the best known aeroplane of W.W.I due to its association with Manfred von Richthofen and to its distinctive appearance. It was built in relatively small numbers, and only served at the Western Front for three or four months, but it was the best German fighter around... Continue Reading →

MIL Mi-24 Attack Helicopter – Michael Normann

Review by Sven Atkin. The Mi-24 ‘Hind’ attack helicopter has always been an intriguing machine because of its aggressive looks and how little was known of its development and subsequent service with Russia and former Eastern Bloc countries. Today’s ‘Hind’ variants have come a long way since the very first V-24 prototype took to the... Continue Reading →

Royal Flying Corps Kitbag – Mark Hillier

Review by Adrian Roberts. Mark Hillier is an established aviation historian and Stearman pilot who has written The RAF Battle of Britain Pilot’s Kitbag and a companion volume on Luftwaffe pilots’ equipment. These gave an insight into the lives of these men that complemented the accounts of their operations and their aircraft. Now he has... Continue Reading →

Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien – Stanislaw Mokwa

Review by Zac Yates. For much of the hobby’s history plastic scale modellers have had to make do with inaccurate kits and put up with scale or detail issues, particularly when it comes to panel lines. Modern kits have, for the most part, avoided such ‘fatal errors’, to quote some of the internet’s hardcore, but... Continue Reading →

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