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Corsair Cockpits – Dana Bell

Review by Nick Veronico. Rivet Counter Guide Number 1: Corsair Cockpits, F4U-1 Family. If that title gets your heart racing, you may need to consider an aviation 12-step programme. Introduce yourself. Grab a chair. You can sit next to me. Noted author Dana Bell has produced a high-quality, 72-page guide to everything you wanted to... Continue Reading →

Lionel Morris and the Red Baron – Jill Bush

Review by Adrian Roberts. There have been several books published recently by non-specialist authors who have been inspired by a distant relative who was killed flying during the Great War. Sadly, I have not been able to be complimentary about all of them. This book is of a much higher quality. It is well written... Continue Reading →

Airbus A300/310 – Wolfgang Borgmann

Review by Charles Page. In this addition to the well-illustrated ‘Legends of Flight’ series, Schiffer maintains its high standard of production. The author displays an intimate knowledge of the Airbus consortium, and the history and structure of Airbus is fully explained, aided by a detailed organisation chart. Yet it is a highly readable and attractive... Continue Reading →

Flight Line – Thomas R. Combs

Review by Nicholas A. Veronico The bond between aircraft and crew chief, maintainers and aircrew, and airmen in general, is dramatically illustrated in Flight Line: The Adventures of a Vietnam-Era AC-130 Crew Chief. From Air Force induction and basic training, to military occupational specialty schooling, the author takes the reader on a personal journey through... Continue Reading →

TOPGUN: The Legacy – Brad Elward

Review by Takis Diakoumis. When this latest epic volume from Schiffer and Brad Elward arrived, I was absolutely stunned. Weighing in at almost 700 pages, this massive book is without doubt the most comprehensive publicly available study of the US Navy’s TOPGUN program I have ever had the pleasure to read. Schiffer Military books have... Continue Reading →

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