Defending Rodinu, Vol 1 – Krzysztof Dabrowski

Review by Takis Diakoumis. Helion’s now well established @War series continues to produce some of the best researched and accessible titles across an enormous range of global hotspots through the 20th century. This new one from Krzysztof Dabrowski to be added to the Europe@War set begins to examine the crucial development and initial operations of... Continue Reading →

Airbus A300/310 – Wolfgang Borgmann

Review by Charles Page. In this addition to the well-illustrated ‘Legends of Flight’ series, Schiffer maintains its high standard of production. The author displays an intimate knowledge of the Airbus consortium, and the history and structure of Airbus is fully explained, aided by a detailed organisation chart. Yet it is a highly readable and attractive... Continue Reading →

Flight Line – Thomas R. Combs

Review by Nicholas A. Veronico The bond between aircraft and crew chief, maintainers and aircrew, and airmen in general, is dramatically illustrated in Flight Line: The Adventures of a Vietnam-Era AC-130 Crew Chief. From Air Force induction and basic training, to military occupational specialty schooling, the author takes the reader on a personal journey through... Continue Reading →

TOPGUN: The Legacy – Brad Elward

Review by Takis Diakoumis. When this latest epic volume from Schiffer and Brad Elward arrived, I was absolutely stunned. Weighing in at almost 700 pages, this massive book is without doubt the most comprehensive publicly available study of the US Navy’s TOPGUN program I have ever had the pleasure to read. Schiffer Military books have... Continue Reading →

Call-Sign Kluso – Rick Tollini

Review by Takis Diakoumis. It's sometimes hard to imagine the making of a fighter pilot, at least for someone like myself who has been in quiet awe of anyone who’s had the tenacity and aptitude to have those precious wings pinned to their chest. I would spy them at airshows as a child and into... Continue Reading →

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