Britain’s Glorious Aircraft Industry – J Paul Hodgson

Review by Andrew Kitney. When my review copy of Britain's Glorious Aircraft Industry arrived, it immediately struck me just what a thorough and comprehensive product it appeared to be, with nearly 500 pages and a weight and presence to match. UK-born and having spent upwards of 36 years working in the airline industry as a... Continue Reading →

20th Century Passenger Flying Boats – Leslie Dawson

Review by Andrew Kitney. Working in the airlines for more years than I’m prepared to admit, I’ve always been interested in the history of the airline world from its start, growth and development into what we see today. Of course, prior to the widespread development of airfields and airports with their hard runways, the only... Continue Reading →

The Zeppelin Offensive – David Marks

Review by Brett Holman. Even though the age of airships has long passed, they still exert an unparalleled grip on the popular imagination, appearing in science fiction as an easily-understood signifier of history taking a wrong turn somewhere, or in tech media as a temptingly slow-but-luxurious form of air travel that always seems just out... Continue Reading →

Vickers VC10 & Super VC10 – Lance Cole

Review by Andrew Kitney. Having grown up visiting London’s Heathrow Airport as a kid, and watching the classic early jet airliners, I liked the look of this book as soon as it dropped through my mailbox. Presented in an easy-to-read, soft-cover book style, a quick flick through the pages had me hooked on just the... Continue Reading →

Royal Flying Corps Kitbag – Mark Hillier

Review by Adrian Roberts. Mark Hillier is an established aviation historian and Stearman pilot who has written The RAF Battle of Britain Pilot’s Kitbag and a companion volume on Luftwaffe pilots’ equipment. These gave an insight into the lives of these men that complemented the accounts of their operations and their aircraft. Now he has... Continue Reading →

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