The Men who flew the English Electric Lightning – Martin W. Bowman

Review by Stuart Forth. The Spitfire, Lancaster and Vulcan are all legendary British aircraft and, as such, have copious amounts of books written about them. The same is true for that icon of Cold War aviation, the English Electric Lightning. Quite rightly, the people who flew, serviced or just witnessed this fire-breathing thoroughbred firsthand wax... Continue Reading →

English Electric Canberra – Bruce Barrymore Halpenny

Review by Andrew Kitney. Given the longevity of the EE Canberra in service, not just with my ‘home’ Forces (RAF/RN) but with many operators around the world, and with some still serving, I was looking forward to reading this book. There is quite a story to tell, and I wasn’t disappointed. Like many, I’m sure,... Continue Reading →

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