Triumph in the Skies – Dan Dorseif

Review by Charles Page. As author/pilot Dan Dorseif exclaims, ‘The 727 had proven itself to be an extremely reliable jet, straight out of the box!’ In fact it performed seven percent better than book figures and, with its short field ability, introduced the jet age to domestic travellers. Passengers loved its quiet cabin, while for... Continue Reading →

Boeing B-47 Stratojet – Mike Habermehl and Robert Hopkins

Review by Takis Diakoumis. Strategic Air Command's General Curtis LeMay was not partial to the B-47, preferring the older B-36 for its longer legs, proclaiming it could not go where he wanted it to go – the Soviet Union. The B-47 would nonetheless become SAC’s most numerous bomber, with almost 2000 examples across all variants,... Continue Reading →

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