Triumph in the Skies – Dan Dorseif

Review by Charles Page.

As author/pilot Dan Dorseif exclaims, ‘The 727 had proven itself to be an extremely reliable jet, straight out of the box!’ In fact it performed seven percent better than book figures and, with its short field ability, introduced the jet age to domestic travellers. Passengers loved its quiet cabin, while for pilots it was a dream to fly, even if ‘greaser’ landings were difficult to come by. Like the 727 itself, this book is a quality, well built production, and as close to definitive as you’ll get. The author covers the full spectrum from development, roll out in 1962, testing, service flying, systems, the 727-200 Advanced, and even aero modelling.  The three engine configuration, T-tail, and deep stall are fully explained, along with attributes such as the high lift wing, ventral airstair, and APU. 

Even with all the technical information, this book is exceedingly readable with anecdotes from executives, designers, pilots and engineers. The infamous episode of D.B. Cooper’s extortion and parachute escape is highlighted, as is the hijacking odyssey of a TWA 727 in the Middle East. Then there is the extraordinary story of Ed Daly’s World Airways rescue when one of his 727s flew out an estimated 360 South Vietnamese fleeing Da Nang.

The 727 was Boeing at its best and this book brings out the brilliance of the design team and the success of the type. The 727 was the first commercial jet to sell 1000 aircraft, and eventually reached a total of 1832, with one thirty-nine year old aircraft still in service in 2019. This handsome, large format, hardcover book has 288 pages and includes 644 images. A must-have for 727 aircrews and ground crews, the general aviation reader or nostalgic 727 passenger will also find much to enjoy.

ISBN 978-0-76436-0-510 

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